Welcome Service-Learning Faculty

dsc_0148Welcome Service-Learning (S-L) Faculty! This resource website was designed to complement the information that our teams shares via email throughout the course of the semester.  Most resources pertain to current faculty members and those who are interested in teaching with service-learning at Northeastern.

To access all the resources this site offers, utilize the menu at the top of this page.

Our hope is that this website will help you responsibly facilitate a course and partnership that responsibly considers the multiple stakeholders and components of teaching a service-learning course. We are constantly making additions to this site in hopes that the information provided here is relevant and helpful.  We encourage you to explore the different components of this site, but to start we have highlighted the most recent and relevant resources for a Fall 2021 course.

    • Fall 2021 Faculty Resources: Start Here Document – This resource pulls out the highest level concepts, action items, and resource materials needed to begin designing and coordinating your upcoming service-learning course. This faculty website mirrors those resources to some extent, but we highly recommend reviewing this document in full.
    • Self-Guided On-boarding ModuleThe purpose of this module is to inform faculty of how they can partner with and become a part of the Service-Learning Program at Northeastern, as well as provide a one-stop shop to explore our program’s resources, philosophies, and processes. We highly recommend faculty both new and experienced take a look through it. 
    • Working with your S-LTA: A Toolkit for Faculty – In the summer of 2019 we built out a series of resources and materials for faculty to be more transparent and communicative about the goals and expectations of the S-LTA program, as well as to help faculty and S-LTAs make the most of their professional relationships. Included in the toolkit is the new Faculty & S-LTA Collaboration Agreement which we’re asking all faculty/S-LTA pairs to complete and submit by the second week of the semester.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email Chelsea at c.lauder@northeastern.edu