Faculty, Research, & Publicly Engaged Scholarship

One of the components of Service-Learning Program at Northeastern is supporting faculty in their research and scholarship around service-learning and community engagement, as well as research conducted in partnership with the community. We can recommend or consult on research design and literature, and occasionally host events that provide space for conversations about research and publicly-engaged scholarship. 

Publicly Engaged Scholar-in-Residence

In late January 2019, the Service-Learning Advisory Board brought educational sociologist Dr. Timothy K. Eatman to campus to host their first ever Publicly Engaged Scholar-in-Residence Event. This consisted of a two day discussion series where Dr. Eatman engaged various stakeholder groups in eight 30-90 minute sessions and concluded with a summary presentation highlighting both insights and patterns observed as well as how these are situated within the broader landscape of engaged work in higher education internationally.

Online and Print Resources

If you’re interested in learning about Service-Learning and community service, both at Northeastern University and beyond, we recommend you check out the research section of our website. Furthermore, we have an extensive collection of books of books on the subject available for check out at the Center of Community Service.

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The Service-Learning Fellows Program

Above: 2016-2017 Service-Learning Fellows outside of Haley House on a community walking tour of Roxbury.

We would like to make note of our vibrant partnership with the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research (CATLR), as we think they have particular relevance to service-learning faculty.

Service-Learning also encourages faculty members to be involved in our Service-Learning Fellows Program, a 1.5 year long program which leads a small cohort of participants through an examination of the service-learning and evidence-based teaching literature, includes collegiate sharing with and between faculty and community members, and results in the implementation or deepening of a service-learning course or component. Participants build knowledge and awareness related to enhancing student learning and engagement, connecting courses with social issues, and strengthening community relationships. Learn more here.

Faculty & Community Partner Research Communitys-lreception-30

Over the past several years several S-L staff and faculty members have attended the Service-Learning Research Academy at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN. With the hope of sharing their learning with others at Northeastern, a select few faculty recently hosted a research workshop at Northeastern in December 2018 (hopefully one in a series of many). Based on attendance at the event, they quickly learned that community partners also had research questions and are interested in partnering with S-L faculty members to explore them! The work of this group also complements a working group of our Service-Learning Advisory Board.